Wednesday 21 October 2020
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10 years that may be left for you to live will look like 40 if spent in mirth and enjoyment.”-Dr. J S Randhawa


Reverberation films latest movie 10 Nahi 40’s teaser launched at suburb preview theater with much fanfare. Reverberation films are committed to present the films which affect a large section of the society. The subject chosen by them always marks an imprint on someone’s life.

The director and actor of the film Dr. J S Randhawa is present at the event along with the senior artist Birbal, Manmouji and Ramesh Goyal. Actor Shyam Mashalkar also presented. 10 Nahi 40 is an exceptional film which highlights the major concern of the society that is to understand and the care for the elderly.


This movie is the story of a residential society where the main protagonist Sumit gets irritated every time with the nagging behavior of his elderly neighbors and gets involved in an argument with them. On the other hand, his sister in law Aashi whom he loves a lot is involved always in the welfare and care of the elderly. The story gradually revolves around how Aashi leads him to change his attitude and they together decide to open a daycare center for elderly. The story is laced with loads of laughter inspite of dealing with a sensitive and serious issue.

The film will reintroduce you to some veteran character artistes from yesteryears Birbal , Manmauji and Ramesh Goyal with current generation Manoj Bakshi .”Tum to there pardesi” famed singer Altaf Raja has rendered his voice to a song and is present in the movie too singing the same.


The director and actor Dr. J S Randhawa quoted “Its an educational film sending a message to the society to understand and care for the elderly. To know their insecurities and fears as they approach the twilight of their lives. On being asked about the title he further said “The title of the film indicates that life is not to be counted by the years you lived or years that are left but by the years you lived happily and enjoyed. Throughout our lives we are busy meeting our ends and needs and the time we enjoy is very little. The 10 years that may be left for you to live will look like 40 if spent in mirth and enjoyment.”

Produced by Reverberation films 10 Nahi Chaalis starring Dr.J.S.Randhawa, Aashi Singh, Sonal Mudgal, Ranjan Singh, Dr.Rakhi , Anand Agarwal, Manoj Bakshi, Ramesh Goyal, Birbal, Manmaujee, Mahesh Gehlout, Rajendra Bhatia and Mridul Gupta is various roles is currently in post-production, the maker will soon announce movie release date

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