102 Not Out Movie Review: It’s about how to live life as you grow old

102not a

102 Not Out Movie Review:  It’s about how to live life as you grow old

Movie : 102 Not Out

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Jimit Trivedi

Director: Umesh Shukla

Rating: (4/5)

‎Review by : Rajesh Kumar Singh

Story… The films revolves around a centenarian father Dattatrey Vakharia (Amitabh Bachhan) and a septuagenarian son Babulal Vakharaia (Rishi Kapoor). Both are widowers and live in a palatial bungalow in Mumbai. They are an odd couple. Babulal is a pessimist and considers life a burden while his father Dattatrey is full of optimism and enjoys every moment of life. For some reasons Dattatrey decides to help his son come out of his morose state and puts some conditions before Babulal if he wants to live with him. Watch the film in theatre to know why the 102-year-old father wants to transform his son and how does he achieve this goal.

Direction…Umesh Shukla has directed the film excellently. Though the film is about two old men, it’s engaging and entertaining. In spite of the fact that it has just a few characters and minimal song and dance routine, it moves at a fast pace without wasting fooatge. You never know when it starts and ends. The scenes are not contrived and the film sticks to its point and central theme.

Acting … Amitabh Bachchan once more impresses the audience and has proved why is he called the ‘mahanayak’ of Indian cinema. To talk about him is like showing a candle to the sun. Rishi Kapoor is quite likeable and childlike and has lived his role. It’s like how as a man grows old he becomes more like a child. The duo of Amit Ji and Rishi Kapoor is a perfect match and as a link between the two Jimit Trivdei has also delivered an excellent performance. The film revolves around these three characters but it holds your attention without letting you get bored.

Music… The music of Salim-Suleiman and the background score of George Joseph is all right and goes well with the screenplay of the film.

What’s special about the film … 102 Not Out is not just about entertaining the audience. It also delivers a message to those who after certain age lose hope in life and wait for their death. They live off expectations from those who don’t care about them any more. The character played by Amitabh Bachchan teaches us that we should live life to the hilt even while we age and one is as young as one feels at heart. The way the director has delivered this very important message through a simple story is praiseworthy.

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