Atharva College of Engineering organizes IEEE Techithon

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Atharva College Of Engineering had hosted one of the most jubilant and elaborate annual technical fest . The four days long technical fest IEEE TECHITHON was at Atharva College of Engineering campus. The Festival was graced with Chief Guest of Inaugural Ceremony the Dr. (Capt.) Chitale Chandrashekhar Madhusudan, working as the consultant in the areas of HRD, learning and development and organisational development and guests of honor is Mr. Parag Walinjkar, Sr Scientific officer of radiochemistry and isotope group at BARC .On the final day, the chairman of the Atharva group Sunil Rane visited the fest.

The annual technical fest IEEE TECHITHON 2018, focused on the four basic elements of nature and their preservation with a unique theme of ESSENTIA .The fest was more promising than ever assuring a radiant blend of technology ,creativity ,beauty and fun with technical events like Robo wars, Technical paper presentation, Blind coding favoured with various genre’s events like Fifa ,Treasure hunt , Hogathon, Neon football, escape the room , PUBG ,Laser tag and many more.IEEE TECHITHON had set high bars for all the technical fests in the city . The projects were Unidirectional speaker, Speed breaker, Vertical windmill and solar panel, Piezo electric walkway, Water quality monitoring system, smart irrigation system , Traffic laser and data networks and many more. There were seminars and workshops on different topics like abroad studies, ethical hacking and internet of things.

On this tech fest Sunil Rane, Executive president quoted, “IEEE TECHITHON organized by Atharva college desires to promote innovations in technologies for the betterment of our country as well as to the whole world, which is also the mission and vision of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) worldwide. Atharva group always believes in producing well discipline, practical oriented, highly knowledgeable Engineers to serve not only for themselves but for the society and nation. The presence of such an honorable people in the festival was a great boon for the young engineering students who had participated and displayed their technical projects relating to theme.”

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