Diana Penty closes show for Mishru at Lakmé Fashion Week 2019


As billowy days and endless nights draw near, summer always makes us excavate our personal memories and moments to reminisce about the days past. With this collection, we go back to our days of growing up in our beloved city, Hyderabad, where several time periods collide. The result is an amalgam of our personal trajectory with the city’s history to create a timeless collection that feels both, modern and romantic.


At the core of Reminisce is the use of time-honoured materials and techniques in an avant-garde manner. We put the spotlight on the gota lampi from the Nizamian era but reinvent it as a show stealing fabric rather than being relegated to use as a sidekick of a border. We also convert our obsession with the intricate jaalis (lattices) at the majestic Paigah Tombs which transform into detailed surface embellishments on our pieces. The very gemstones that have nicknamed our home ground as the City of Pearls make appearances too, and so does the rococo art from the glorious Chowmahalla Palace. Inspired by the Rococo art, the Reminisce colour palette is soft and airy—full of white, ivory, blush, mauve and warm grey tones. Rococo’s love for asymmetry, floral motifs and gilding are carried forward in pieces from the collection too.


By re-imagining fragments from the past in an entirely modern way, we hope for Reminisce to become an extension to the Mishru woman who knows how to romance nostalgia but also find a way to effortlessly bring her past into her present.


Brand Profile: Nuanced design elements and cultural coherence serve as the highlight of Mishru, an Indian wear label with its finger on the sartorial pulse of the modern Indian woman. And it is this keen understanding of what the girl of today truly wants that has proved to be the trump card of founder and designer, Swapna Anomolu’s contemporary offering.

Based in Hyderabad, the label started out in 2015 with a vision of serving up a unique amalgamation of modern design elements juxtaposed against traditional aesthetics, thereby deriving the name, ‘Mishru’ that translates into ‘a mix or fusion of elements’. Fluid yet bold silhouettes take form in a palette of muted colours to bring Swapna’s dream of minimalist luxury to life.

The journey to designing Indian wear has been a long one, but it was made easier by Swapna’s crystal clear focus on the women she designs for. “The Mishru girl takes the best of everything and makes it her own. She is strong, bold and is able to pull off anything she wears,” she explains. It is this ability to understand, create and deliver on what women want today that has helped her grow the label from strength to strength, and flourish from a small design studio to a thriving label with a loyal base across the key metro cities in the country.

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