Donal Bisht gets candid and talks about her stint in &TV’s Laal Ishq

Donal Bisht

You’ve explored love as a genre before, but supernatural is something different. What made you take up this role?

I have previously worked on a show with a similar concept but Laal Ishq is different. The episodic series format explores passionate yet twisted side of love.

How well do you think the combination of the two genres work?

Our viewers have always liked love stories. But at the same time exploring something new to break the clutter is important. The supernatural element to this show makes for an entertaining watch.

Have you ever experienced anything supernatural?

Well honestly, I do not believe in supernatural powers. But I do believe that love in itself is something so powerful that it can even transcend life and death. That’s what Laal Ishq stories capture.

Have you previously worked with the other stars on the show?

No, I haven’t worked with Mrunal before. But this man is absolutely brilliant as an actor, not just that but he is a beautiful human being. We connected so well and our chemistry on-screen looks so great, more than I had actually anticipated.

How was your experience? What should viewers expect from the show?

The experience was great. Working on an episodic show is much more engaging than one can actually imagine. The entire story needs to be narrated in a very limited time, and at the same time build a connect with the audience. Every story builds an intrigue and curiosity right from the start, keeping viewers hooked till the end. All in all, it’s a beautifully narrated story with a twist to watch out for.

What does Laal Ishq mean?Or what do you think of when you hear Laal Ishq?

Laal Ishq for me means there is a deeper form of love that crosses all physical realms and has no boundaries whatsoever.

A love quote that you swear by
“Love is the purest emotion of all”.

A star you would want to Ishq/romance? Why?

It will always be Ranbir Kapoor. He is the greatest actor in the millennial lot and I admire him.

Web series these days is a craze for today’s Indian audience. Would you like to explore this segment?

Yes of course. The content on web is fresh and have a certain quirk to it that connects with the audience. The drama quotient too is relatively less and if at all something nice comes my way, I’ll surely consider it.

Any future projects?

Yes, I have just been signed for a new show.

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