Wednesday 30 September 2020
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‘My dream-wish is to work with mega-star Ranveer Singh’: Diana Khan

Diana Khan

By Chaitanya Padukone – “It’s not always that one gets to witness a magnum opus Muslim social-romantic thriller-drama ( ‘Bahu Begum’). Which deals sensitively with a Nawaabi husband who gets twice-married, brilliantly captured amidst grand ambience and graceful glamour backed by an ensemble cast,” insists Prateek Sharma ( of ‘LSD’ Films). This unique lavish show ‘Bahu Begum’ starring the debonair Arijit Taneja, charismatic Sameksha Jaiswal, gorgeous Diana Khan ( of ‘Ghayal-Once Again’ movie fame) and the dignified beauty Simone Singh is being aired every Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m. only on Colors. Exuberant model-actress Lady Diana Khan chatted with ‘starworldnews’ for a candid conversation Excerpts :

What is that attracted you to step aboard the Colors show ‘Bahu Begum’ ?

The unique entertaining theme, the intriguing concept of this lavishly mounted Muslim romantic social drama where three lead characters of Azaan Ali Khan ( Arijit Taneja), Noor (Sameksha) and me as Shaayra Anwar being entangled in a web of love, revenge and penance. Complex circumstances compels them to stay ‘together’ in a ‘holy double matrimony’ ( do-nikaah). The whole show has an ambience of aristocratic Nawabi culture. It’s an honour to be co-starring with senior actress Simone-ma’am who plays ‘Begum Raziya’ –the mother of the hero ‘Azaan’

Tell us more about this romantic triangle ?

While ‘Noor’ is more of a good friend of Azaan, ,my character Shaayra represents the passion of mutual love between Azaan and me. So there is this invisible emotional tug-of-war between friendship and intense love. Noor has always dreamt of becoming his ‘begum’ but I am the love-of-his-life.

Was it a tough process being singled out to play ‘Shaayra’ ?

Apparently, since four months, over 80 female artistes, some of them being well-known, were auditioned for this role . When I did my look-test and auditioned I felt a strong hunch that I am pre-destined to play Shaayra . It was a surreal moment when Prateek-Sir finalized me. Shaayra is a classy fusion of innocence, beauty and empowerment

How different are you from your character Shaayra ?

Total contrast, one can say. We are poles apart. In real-life I am a carefree, masti-loving tomboyish friendly girl. But Shaayra is cautious, tehzeeb-conscious and has her poise and elegance , yet she is a mentally-strong girl. Even now I am learning the intricate tameez-adaayein, the perfect Urdu diction and body-language .

During your horse-riding shoot-scene, you had a freak accident ?

Haanjee, shaayad the horse also got infatuated with my good looks.( chuckles) . While getting off the from the saddle, when I was on the ground, the horse hit its head on my head from behind. Falling on the ground I became unconscious for nearly five minutes.

In real-life, would you allow your ‘lover-guy’ to be very friendly with another girl ?

No way, no sharing –I believe in exclusive true love, as I am possessive. By the way, I share my birthday ( Dec 27th) with Salman Khan-Sir and it gives me a sense of pride. My dream-wish lover-boy hero in Bollywood is amazing mega-star Ranveer Singh. Hope I get to work with him.


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