Harrison Ford’s not a huge fan of Ryan Gosling’s The Notebook

Harrison Ford and Ryan GoslingWhile promoting their upcoming movie Blade Runner 2049, Harrison revealed that the movie of Ryan Gosling that he admires the most is surprisingly not the super successful romantic drama The Notebook!

In the movie, Blade Runner 2049, Ford reprises his role as former android bounty hunter Rick Deckard opposite Ryan’s new special cop Officer K, Ford shared his thoughts about the Gosling movie which inspired him to work with the star.

“It wasn’t The Notebook,” said the veteran actor. On this remark of Ford, Gosling said, “I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say it wasn’t. Everything I’ve seen him do was a challenge well met. It was more than I thought you could possibly do,” Ford continued. “I mean, the discipline to learn all the dancing, the singing and keyboard [in La La Land]… but also [films like] The Place Beyond the Pines.

Ford complimented Gosling saying that he has been watching him for years and really admires all that Gosling has done.

Overwhelmed with the remarks that Ford made, Gosling returned the compliment and added that he’s been a huge fan of Ford since he was a child, sharing: ‘I mean to get to work with him was an incredible opportunity.”

‘Blade Runner 2049’ is all set to release in India on 6th October, 2017. It’s a Sony Pictures Entertainment India release.

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