Sunday 29 November 2020
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Jacqueline Fernandez launches Lee Body Optix Spring, Summer 2018 Collection

Lee JacquelineLee’s ground-breaking BODY OPTIX™ Collection has been creating body flattering and stylish outfits for women. With the combined power of vision scientists and denim designers, the Spring /Summer 2018 Collection delivers the statement styling essentials for optimal 360° body shaping, customized with seasonal features and fashionable cuts.

With the onset of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, we would love to gift you a personalised Body Optix hamper from LEE !

It will be great if you can share or connect us with the right person to get the details of your jeans and t-shirt size along with the address you would like us to send. You can even check out the Body Optix collection at a Lee store near you and we will be happy to assist you.

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