Kiara Advani walks for Designer Farah Sanjana, Lakme Fashion Week

ffwkkk1Gorgeous Kiara Advani stops the show for Designer Farah Sanjana , Lakme Fashion Week SR 2017

Farah Sanjana’s new collection was an explosion Modern Meets Baroque. This new line was all about new textures, techniques and silhouettes. The palette goes from light pastels in lilac, green and pale pink crashing against a cornucopia on blooms in a vibrant gold. The flowers have a slightly. Barocc feel, and the sudden fusion between ruffled and crinkled tulle against a rambling trellis of large tulips in gold, create a lush vibrancy emotive of gardens and romance, which is both retro and modern all at one.

ffwkk2The introduction of denim, pearls and printed, crinkled tulle make a strong youthful statement of individualism, ranging from the very radical to the demurer. With this collection, Farah Sanjana has challenged the existing formats and has ventured into an experiment that marries clashing styles, which surprise and beguile the fashion forward.

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