Review : Meri Rockstarwali Jeans is all about mental and emotional rehabilitation

Susheel Jangira

Review :     Meri Rockstarwali Jeans is all about mental and emotional rehabilitation

Time:          20 minutes

Sensor:      U / A

Director:   Susheel Jangira

Banner:     Secondoct Entertainment

Rating :    ***

The short film Meri Rockstarwali jeans has gathered a lot of awards in national and international film festival and is now streaming on YouTube. The director Susheel Jangira has presented serious subjects through her short film in a quite effective manner. Her thoughts are quite provoking as it has been proved with the film.

The story of the film begins with a small slum area of Mumbai where Mitali (Susheel Jangira) teaches economically weaker children free of cost after her job. Mitali is a modern girl who does not just teach children but also understands their feelings and dreams and encourage them to fulfill it.

One day Mitali notices her one of the student Bhanu, who was quiet and sad. She was going through some past emotional and physical trauma in life. She tries to understand Bhanu’s sadness and come to know from her mother that someone had done something wrong with her few days back.

Mitali is even more surprised when Bhanu’s mother says Bhanu is responsible for all the misdeed happened to her and she decides to send her to her aunt’s home and stop her studies.

Mitali explains to Bhanu’s mother that whatever happened with Bhanu was not because of her. She should change her thinking towards her child. By discontinuing Bhanu’s studies and sending her to some other place, the problem will not go away, bad people or evil can happen anywhere. It is necessary to understand the dreams of Bhanu. Mitali understands the dreams of Bhanu by her friendship and love. Bhanu wants to be a rockstar. Mitali’s friendship and love are able to bring the smile back on the innocent Bhanu and her mother’s face. Mitali

Taiba Mansoori who acted in the film as Bhanu has performed very well, so the role of Susheel Jangira as Mitali is very natural. Chandrakal has played an influential role in Bhanu’s mother’s character. Vision of Susheel Jangira shows clearly in her direction. With just three characters, she has managed to address a very important story. The title song of the film has become very influential, the effect of the song is compared to a feature film song. She had touched base with the hardship and trauma in life that a woman of any age might goes through. But the focus shouldn’t be the trauma rather her emotional and spiritual rehabilitation.

The film talks about a very serious subject. If some misdeed happened to any girl in her childhood or in her life, then people do not like to talk about such topics in society or family, and many times the girl is considered guilty, but “Meri Rockstarwali Jeans” is against such thinking and gives a very positive message. Meri Rockstarwali Jeans is against child sexual harassment and is able to effectively deliver important messages. Although the film is a short film but it occupies the audience till it ends. It’s emphasis on mental and emotional rehabilitation of the victim. As the end quotation in the film says “Life is all about New Dreams. Nothing should shatter you.”

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