Mishkat Varma to play a DJ in &TV’s Shaadi Ke Siyape

Mishkat 1Ready to take viewers on a joyride of multiple emotions and lots of siyapas, &TV’s new dramedy Shaadi Ke Siyape is set to brighten your weekends by celebrating the magic of weddings and their various rituals of different cultures. With notable actors roped in to play unique characters in this show, well-known actor Mishkat Varma who has always maintained a ‘good boy’ image will now be seen playing the role Virat, a DJ, and is an alien in human form. Introvert in real life, his character is the complete opposite in this show. Having never essayed twisted roles in the past, playing an alien in Shaadi Ke Siyape is what Mishkat finds very fascinating.

Talking about his character in the show Mishkat shares, “Viraat is a DJ who is vibrant and dashing in his approach. While he tries to understand the concept of humans, he also makes tremendous efforts find his way into the extravagant affair named, ‘wedding’. The institution of marriage is completely alien to him and trying to adjust amidst this chaos is ‘Virat’. I am an introvert and playing a character who is loud and energetic in nature is a challenge. My character has shades of arrogance and attitude but in real life, I am exactly the opposite.”

Mishkat, who has super-powers in the show wishes to have utmost strength an ability to perform any role that is offered to him with finesse. The talented actor who has done comedy roles in the past says, “Comedy is a difficult genre and to attempt it and make people laugh needs understanding and care. It is easy to make people cry but difficult to make people laugh. I do believe that an actor needs to be versatile in his approach towards accepting roles.”

The show is all set to rule the weekend slot with its new dramedy offering. Chaos unfolds as marriage hall owner Fancy aunty (Alka Kaushal) with her squad of uniquely gifted human-aliens take on the world of weddings! The new wedding planners in town are a crazy team of a techno-expert chef Nanku, a gossip-loving nachaniya cum make-up artist Bijli, a classy DJ Virat and an ever inquisitive pandit Shlokeshwar– although with an extra-terrestrial twist!

The audience are in for an exciting and fun-filled weekend with these funny yet chaotic alien wedding planners who are here on Earth to leave the audience in splits with their understanding of human nature and weddings!

Watch Shaadi Ke Siyape every Saturday and Sunday from 16th March at 8pm only on &TV

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