Movie Review Sachin A Billion Dreams

sachinMovie Review: Sachin A Billion Dreams
CAST: Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar, Mayuresh Pem
DIRECTION: James Erskine
GENRE: Biography
DURATION: 2 hours 19 minutes
REVEIW BY : PK Verdict

Sachin – Simply Sachinnnnn Sachinnnn… When cinema meets reality, a true Bahubali is born. Scoring those 1000 crs is just the number; creating the legacy that may go eternal matters.
SACHIN is that legacy that outrights everything. Welcome to the world of Sachin.

SACHIN – An Indian Star than Bollywood, Tollywood or Hollywood has emerged. As bright as Sun; bringing a big smile on your face throughout. Making you feel high on being an Indian. Rising your head and heart with pride.

It’s a journey, cinema turns into stadium. Big screen goes small screen and yet remains big, as the film has the footages that narrow down the screen size but grabs your focus on each and everything, not a single instance the director lets your focus loose. He continues to let you ride on the wave “Sachinnnnn Sachinnnnn” giving you goosebumps making you experience his journey, his sorrows, his joys, his glory.

He dared to dream and chased his dream. The sheer dedication to his play than anything else, putting everything behind, chasing the dream. The kind of pressure faced by him then; can only be felt now watching this one. The nuances, the director has covered deserves a pat on his back. It simply charismatic and it elevates your soul, it generates the right adrenaline rush, it makes pump your heart again over those match footages bringing the WOW factor making you go cheer again for him “Sachinnnnn… Sachinnnn….”.

The era when the wisdom of knowledge came from parents than Facebook walls.His upbringing, his Dad’s learning that stayed with him that made him an Icon. More than anything else being a good human is the most important thing. More than being a cricketer being a person full of values matters. That highly reflects Sachin on screen you feel like he is talking to you. That’s the level of connect. Welcome to the Talking Cinematic experience forget 3D, 4D or 5D. Feel the real joy, experience his sorrow, celebrate his success, smile with him, laugh with him. The director James Erskine succeeds to dive you into the world of sachin, his family, his friends, kids, the journey has everything. Not just that, it will take you into your own flashback too; when you cheered each time he hit that boundary. The tide continues

James Erskine Hats off to you for giving India its own STAR rising again, riding again on Indian Audiences. This is a treat for his fans that will always remain memorable. It will be that motivation capsule of 138minutes where if YOU Think YOU Can. YOU Indeed CAN. Boost was the secret of his energy. Sachin is goona be the secret of many energies. Truly A Billion Dreams.


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