‘Passion counts at every stage—dance knows no age’ : Madhuri Dixit


From ‘Ram Lakhan’ to ‘Kalank’ and from ‘Tezaab’ to ‘Devdas’’ ! Mega-star nritya-mallika Madhuri Dixit-Nene –her name itself is synonymous with agile graceful dancing and sterling screen-performances in dozens of blockbuster Bollywood movies The ‘ageless’ gorgeous Madhuri is back, once again, as one of the three mentor-judges in their upcoming Colors reality dance TV show ‘Dance Deewane’ in their second season. Ace director Shashank Khaitan, and choreographer par excellence, Tushar Kalia will reprise their role as judges, while the telly-heart-throb Arjun Bijlani will be back as the dost-cum-host. Dance Deewane-2 is being aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on Colors . starworldnews had a tete-a-tete with exuberant Madhuri who answered every sawaal interspersed with her million-dollar smile and hearty laughter. -By Chaitanya Padukone

How is ‘Dance Deewane-2’ on Colors different this time ?

Our unique show brings the nation’s three generations together on one ultimate dance floor. With ‘Yahan Deewangi (passion) Nahi Kisi Ki Kam… Dekhenge Kis Generation Mein Hai Dum’as its core philosophy,the new season will have fresh new promising talent from three different age groups fiercely competing for the coveted title. Dance is the sole language, where age has no bar, but dance baar-baar ( laughs). Our USP this time is the terrific ‘third generation’ dancing away with gleeful abandon.

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The contestants will have to embrace challenge as the elements of ‘play, pause, and rewind’ will determine the contestants’ future in the competition. While ‘play’ will take them ahead in the show, ‘pause’ will give them another chance to impress the judges and ‘rewind’ will land them in danger zone.

Dance Deewane season

Being back on the show once again, what does it mean to you…

I am delighted to be back on this age-defying show where only true talent counts. All my life, I have believed that age is just a number and passion is all that you need to chase what you wish. Dance being my biggest ‘deewangi’ and extremely close to my heart makes Dance Deewane an even more special. The first season left me amazed, inspired and eager to witness more spunky talent.

Considering there is lots of acrobatics, these days, what do you focus on while judging ?

That’s true. A large number of young innocent energetic dancers incorporate risky, gravity-defying gymnastics-acrobatics. But if you are doing them right, it’s okay. Because it’s part of ‘contemporary dancing’ and is seen even in ‘belly-dancing’. Which is really innovative. While we have a competent film-director Shashank and an expert choreographer Tushar also judging the technical aspects, I tend to give importance also to the bhaava, the abhinaya, the expressions and emotional connect. Most people are agile at physical body-limbs movement while dancing. They need to also be smart at conveying eloquent facial expressions that match the mood, the rhythm, the posture and the lyrics.

Your much-hyped movie ‘Kalank’ failed to woo the box-office, did that affect you ?

Not really, because I have been in the movie-industry for past three decades and been thru all these highs and lows. We all did our best and worked hard at our characters. Overall, ‘Kalank’ was visually stunning and then my dance song ‘Tabaah Ho Gaye’ was also highly appreciated. There are some things that are just beyond your control and you need to reconcile to them (smiles).

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