People shouldn’t believe in superstitions and the black magic hoax,  says Laal Ishq’s Rahul Sharma


From hanging lemons and chillies to prevent the effects of the evil to believing in the very thought that black cats crossing your path are a sign of bad omen, India is a country of not just diverse culture, but also various superstitions. Even in this day and age where progressive thinking and technology has taken over the mindset of many Indians, a minority continues to exist who strongly believe in the circle of superstitions. Unleashing this dark world that certain people continue to live in will be an upcoming episode of &TV’s supernatural thriller, Laal Ishq.

Having a keen interest in the world of supernatural tales, the popular television actor, Rahul Sharma is set to make a second entry in the show where he will be seen essaying yet another diverse shade of a con artist who seeks financial pleasure in taking advantage of people’s superstitious beliefs. True to his character, Rahul believes in the thought that India has been severely gripped by some absurd superstitions and black magic beliefs, the existence of which dates back to centuries ago.

Commenting on this thought further the actor said, “It is inappropriate for people to still believe in the superstitious and black magic hoax. The roots of black magic and superstitions were lodged in ancient myth and folklore, which continues to be blindly followed, only on the account of hearsay and incidents that happened centuries ago. People follow them only because they perceive some situations to be bad omens, without applying any judgement of its relevance to today’s time. It’s surprising at times to hear of some highly educated and progressive thinking individuals stooping at their belief in a superstition.”

Adding further, he said “While we telecast shows that are made on these beliefs, the thought is explored only for an entertainment purpose and to project content in a manner that somewhere depicts the reality of believing in such thoughts. Laal Ishq’s upcoming episode is an attempt to showcase the consequences that certain beliefs can lead you to.”

Talking about returning to the show with yet another varied angle to his character, Rahul said, “Laal Ishq has carved its way to people’s hearts through its intriguing supernatural content and exciting new stories that come every weekend. These days people are more hooked on to shows that are either finite or are episodic. Laal Ishq gave me a chance to experiment with the supernatural genre not once but twice. Both the characters I played where different from each other with the stories revolving around different topics.”

The upcoming episode of Laal Ishq showcases this cruel and helpless world of exorcism and superstitions that are being carried on in not just rural India, but also some parts of urban civilization.

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