Poulomi Das : dusky stunner of ‘Aghori’


 By Chaitanya Padukone- Stunningly beautiful and admired for her rich-brown-tan complexion is model-actress Poulomi Das, who last seen as vivacious ‘Ananya’ opposite Karan ‘Ritvik’ Kundra in Ekta Kapoor’s TV show ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ Currently the sensuous Poulomi who has done several other digital & TV shows, is playing an important role in this maverick ongoing love-story TV show ‘Aghori’ aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 pm only on Zee TV. Enthuses Poulomi, “ I play this unusual character ‘Asmi’ who is a shishya and an ‘Aghori’ by birth. I am trained in such a way that I can face and fight almost every adverse situation . For my ‘prep’ I specially went over to the Ganga ghats in Banaras and met many ‘aghoris’ . In fact one of the ‘aghori-babas ’ presented me a ‘stole’ with the holy chant ‘Om’ inscribed on it . Most people and kids are scared of speaking to ‘aghori-babas’ because of their scary-looks and dread-locks. But some of them who have healing-powers do help people in distress,” insists the dedicated Poulomi , who has even done action-stunt scenes for ‘Aghori’ on Zee TV, and badly bruised her elbow. Interesting as it may sound, Poulomi is otherwise a qualified lawyer who “was hijacked into telly-biz by destiny”.

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