Ranveer The Gully Boy of Dharavi

ranveerrr camIt is definitely one of the most emotionally overwhelming shoots of Ranveer Singh’s film career. We have learnt that Dharavi locals are showering unprecedented love on the superstar as he shoots for Gully Boy – based on the lives of the mohallas street rappers Divine and Naezy.

“There is a flood of love for Ranveer at Dharavi. The locals know that the actor through Gully Boy is bringing to life the real stories of their street heroes Divine and Naezy. They know he is working on a film that will show the world their struggles, their hopes, their ambitions and their emotional and winning journey. It is a hugely emotional moment for everyone at Dharavi and they are showering all the love, care and affection on Ranveer,” says a source from the sets.

“Ranveer is pulling off intense shooting schedules for Gully Boy. They last for 12 hours each day and now he is doing night shoots from 6 pm to 6 am every single day. The locals are seeing how tirelessly, how dedicatedly he is bringing their lives on screen and they are showing him massive gestures of love. Some are sending him home-cooked food everyday, some are sending him juices so that he could have them during breaks, some are just coming to chat and chill with him when he is on his breaks. Dharavi has made Ranveer their own. He is like a family to them. It is a hugely emotional atmosphere and Ranveer is definitely feeling moved. It will show in his performance. He is giving his best to do justice to life and times of Dharavi,” the informer adds.

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