Review-Excellent performance and arousing the spirit of patriotism: Rashtraputra

rastraReview- Excellent performance and arousing the spirit of patriotism: Rashtraputra

Rating :(3.5/5)

Writer & Director : Aazad

Banner: Bombay Talkies

Duration: 122 minutes, Censor: U/A

In the last few years, the trend of creation of patriotic themes based films have diminished, and in this way, the film “Rashtraputra” based on Chandrashekhar Azad presented by one of the pioneer film studios Bombay Talkies is remarkable. The film shows the daring and dynamic personality of Chandrasekhar Azad to which today’s youth can connect themselves as well as the film also gives the motivational message that the country still needs the thoughts and principles of Azad.

The film begins with the flashback with the country’s freedom struggle, where the young freedom fighter is ready to sacrifice their life for the country under the leadership of Chandrashekhar Azad.

In the second part of the film, Azad is the fight to end the black business of the drugs spreading in the country. In this battle, there are anti-national forces like Sultan (Raja Murad), Satvir (Zakir Hussain) and Nepali (Manish Chaudhary) standing against Azad. Nobody knows anything about Azad.

Riya ,who is the daughter of the renowned industrialist of the city Dilip Singhania is missing, due to which police and administration is worried but Riya is way happier with Azad and his friend.Inspite of being rich and had bungalow to live , Riya was not satisfied as she finds herself between her busy businessman father and socially engaged mother.

Azad needs to kill his enemies whose intentions are not in the welfare of the country. Does modern day Azad get success in their motives, for that you have to check out the theatres.

Azad runs a car garage along with his friends in Mumbai and is inspired by the thoughts of Chandrashekhar Azad.Earlier film based on Chandrashekhar Azad was only limited to his character during the freedom movements but it is the first film to highlight all the aspects of his life.

Talking about acting, Azad and Chandrashekhar Azad have been successfully performed and marking at impression of acting by Azad. Chandrasekhar Azad’s personality is too big to keep him on screen. It is a big challenge, Azad has made him a live on the screen. In a scene of the film, the conversation of Bhagat Singh and other revolutionary friends has become extremely influential. His acting is also spontaneous in the role of modern Azad. The role of negative characters Sultan (Raja Murad), Satvir (Zakir Hussain) and Nepali (Manish Chaudhary) are mentionable.

The cinematography of the film has been artistically, action scene can be shot with more detailing. The music in the film is soulful but the background score was average.

This film will introduce the audience to the values of patriotism. As the first film, director Azad influences with his vision. As actor- writer, he has a deep impression on the principles of Chandrasekhar Azad. With the untimely tolerance and sacrifice of the hero of the country’s freedom revolution, what will be today’s role for Azad in the country, for this you should watch this film in the cinema near you.

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