‘Sairat’ girl Rinku Rajguru, Varsha and Swapnil —scene-stealers at Shemaroo-new channel launch event


by Chaitanya Padukone  — Although her next maverick movie is titled ‘Makeup’, the unassuming Rinku Rajguru arrived quite late, with hardly any ‘make-up’ at the star-studded launch event of cinema channel Shemaroo MarathiBana which was anchored by charming actress Samira Gujar . Having made her sensational debut with the benchmark blockbuster ‘Sairat’ the charismatic teenaged heroine Rinku Rajguru will soon be seen in her third movie ‘Makeup’ and in her Hindi debut film ‘Jhund’.

Speaking to me, Rinku said “I was delayed as I was not keeping well” . Continuing her conversation, the talented Rinku (who later cheerfully connected with senior Marathi-Hindi movies actress Varsha Usgaonkar) also complimented the pioneer Shemaroo CEO Hiren Gada and his dynamic team for their new free-to-air new and old movies channel, which she felt would be a welcome blessing for the Marathi movie industry. Speaking about her acting career, Rinku said she was ‘super-excited’ with her upcoming movie ‘Make-Up’ co-produced by Shemaroo . “In this movie ‘Makeup’ directed by Ganesh Pandit, my fans will surely be thrilled to see me in a westernized bohemian character ‘Poorvi’ . She loves getting ‘tipsy’ after gulping beer and is very frank in her witty comments and reactions . She is obsessed with her own ‘facial make-up’. This exuberant role with some shock-value dialogues ( “Har Devdas ki girlfriend kabhi Paro nahi hoti” and “Item” ) will be a drastic ‘make-over’ and is in contrast to my previous screen-role of ‘Archi’,” reveals Rinku. As is known, her Hindi debut movie ‘Jhund’ co-starring her (‘Sairat’ hero) Akash Thosar is directed by her ‘Sairat’ director Nagraj Manjule. “ The crowning glory is that in my debut Hindi movie ‘Jhund’ none other than superstar Amitabh Bachchan is playing the central character of the motivating-mentor”, enthuses Rajguru. At the ‘MarathiBana’ event, besides Rinku, prominent celebrities and stalwarts from the Marathi Film industry like Mahesh Kothare, Varsha Usgaonkar, Swapnil Joshi , Siddharth Jadhav, Vijay Patkar, Prarthana Behere and Adinath Kothare were present and spoke very well befitting the occasion. “The name Marathi Bana symbolises the Maratha spirit and pride . It was my privilege to feature in their ‘MarathiBana’ teaser-promo where I appear as the face of the new channel in multiple contrast get-ups right from an ayyash nawabi character to a funky rapper, the channel with its classy variety of content promises to bring a premium international feel to the channel, thereby making it aesthetically appealing ,” insisted Swapnil . While appreciating the daring competitive thrust of ‘MarathiBana’, actress Varsha also appealed to the channel not to repeatedly telecast only popular hit Marathi movies, but also those with good content which have not been theatrically released, owing to lack of buyers.



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