TV star Isha Sharma’s latest TV character can ‘bring dead back to life

Isha Sharma

By Chaitanya Padukone – Vivacious actress Isha Sharma who hit the headlines, with her bold controversial role in Vikram Bhatt’s web-series ‘Twisted’ has made her dramatic entry in popular TV show Nazar on Star Plus. The exuberant Isha Sharma, who was earlier seen in Jamai Raja on Zee TV will be a new addition to the cast of the ‘Nazar’ show and will have a vital role to play. Reveals Isha,” It’s a mysterious yet significant character who is a Demon-hunter . My character will be seen as a intelligent woman who can bring the ‘dead’ back to life, as the story-line takes a new twist. There’s an extremely interesting plot coming up that will keep home-viewers engaged and entertained”, smiles the sensuous Sharma. But what is the extra-special khaas baat about her character ? “Called Trishala she’s is a Reevavanshi who can bring the dead to life. Because of her powers she has been living in isolation.,” discloses Isha who had to brush up her Hindi as it required a pure dialect. Was Isha enjoying playing her bizarre character in ‘Nazar’ ? She responds, “Of course I am. It’s a fantasy show and the character itself has super powers. Besides she is mysterious and unpredictable. Over all , it’s super-exciting to play this role,” she counters. Wasn’t it true that Isha enjoys getting wet in the rains ? “ Definitely, I love the drizzling drops and the season of rainy showers. But my only memories of monsoon are rushing to the shooting sets and getting late due to clogged roads and crazy traffic jams. But yes a brief outing to a hill-station with greenery is always amazing during the rains,” signs off Isha

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