Varsha Usgaonkar aka Uttara from COLORS Mahabharat


Mahabharat has again become massively popular, now that it is airing on COLORS. What is it about the show that makes it such a hit?

Till date, Mahabharat remains to be an extremely successful show and is a big hit on Indian television. According to me, the USP of the show is its simplicity. The makers stuck to the script and did not divert from the original material. Mahabharat is also about conspiracy, morals, and principles. Ravi Chopra ji presented the show in a very authentic way, because of which the show is a hit today even after 30 years. I would advise people to watch it because the show teaches you how to lead a good life, how to overcome obstacles, and how to remain strong. The shlokas used in the show have a deep meaning and one should practice chanting them at home for meditation and peace of mind.

Can you share your most special memory from the show?

My most special memory is with the great Gopi Krishna who was a fantastic dancer, and an amazing actor. He was my choreographer in Mahabharat and I was to learn classical dance from him. I was extremely nervous when I went to his home for rehearsals, but he made me very comfortable. He encouraged me by saying that I was a very good dancer and that he had complete faith in me. I was relieved when he said those words of encouragement. The ambiance in his studio motivated me and we completed rehearsals in merely three days. He was very considerate and an extremely kind person. He deserves special thanks for keeping my spirits up throughout my journey of Mahabharat.

Do you watch the show now? What do you feel about it ?

I rigorously follow the show on COLORS daily from 7 pm to 9 pm, without any distractions. I feel so happy that it is being watched all over India. I love it when people appreciate my performance in the show. I would urge today’s generation to watch Mahabharat and see my character in the show as well.

Who did you bond with most on the set?

I shared a strong bond with Ravi Chopra ji who was the director of the show. He was very jovial and we all were like a family on the sets. I also bonded very well with Nitish Bhardwaj who played Krishna. We got along well as both of us were from the Marathi film industry. Since we had done three films together, we had a lot of common things to chat about. We also motivated each other a lot. Also, since most of my scenes were with the Pandavas, I got along well with Feroz ji, Puneet ji and Rupa ji.

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