Yuvraj Kumar’s ISIS Eyeing of Enemies of Humanity

isi1Any kind of Violence or attacks which kills innocents people is not Jihad, it’s a War Against Peace. Terrorist activities are a threat to humanity. It?s an ugly act of misguided people who are a blockade and a barrier towards world and its progressive democracy . ISIS is one of the most cruel and an inhuman terrorist group . The whole world is worried by their dangerous acts. Director Yuvraj Kumar has exposed the real face of terror. He has just completed the film, which shows the real face of terror and is ready to release soon . The film titled ISIS- Enemies of Humanity, carries actors from international platform. It has Rashid Naaz from Pakistan & Leading lady from France and technicians from Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America and Nepal . Harish Bhimani plays a maulana and Rahul Dev is in his new avtaar. Director Yuvraj Kumar is also playing the leading man in his directorial debut .


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