Love School task gets contestants into trouble

Love School tasks are getting tough with every passing day as various aspects come into play. Love professors, Karan and Anusha have been very supportive of the contestants and are designing tasks just so couples benefit from them. Recently couples were seen participating in a task called “Love Pool” which was based on the most important aspect that drives a relationship- “Communication”.

Couples had to perform the task in tandem with each other. While the girls had to sweat it out and do all the work, the boys had to instruct them over the phone. Not being in the habit of listening to their boyfriends, the girls did not perform that well and this indeed was quite upsetting for Karan and Anusha.

The professors have been harping on the importance of communication and couples have been ignoring it for a long time now. However, contestants did have to bear the brunt of their ignorance in the judgment night. A source close to the sets said, “It was a very physically exhausting task for the girls. The worst thing was that the girls did not listen to their boyfriends and did what they felt was right. Karan and Anusha were a little upset to see the contestants repeat the same mistake again and again.”

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