Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Actress Digangana Suryavanshi ’s optimistic short film on ‘depression awareness’ goes viral

By Chaitanya Padukone  Winsome Bollywood-Tollywood lead actress Digangana Suryavanshi, ( of ‘Jalebi’ and FryDay’ movies ) who is known for her amazing acting skills has channelized her talent in propagating a noble message to her ardent fans. The multiple-award winning actress,who is currently also the Southside regional movies sensation,has created a one-minute short film,where she has effectively emoted the spectrum stages of depression.
Enthuses painter-artist-novelist-author-actress ‘Diggy’(her fond nickname),“ Actually, I feel I am blessed with this natural talent that I can ‘tearfully cry and sob’ for a movie-take without using any glycerin,”she shrugs, when asked about her tear-jerking scene in her short film. In a creative maverick experiment she shared exclusively with me, that she first shot the movie and then penned the poignant dialogues.

As is known, mega-star actress Deepika Padukone who has recovered from the pangs of depression, is also on a proactive mission with her ‘Live Love Laugh’ Foundation (2015) to create awareness of depression and mental health.

The film which went viral in no time, has viewers from all around the world who started praising the actress for taking up the cause of propagating awareness about mental health. The enterprising Suryavanshi has discreet plans to enter her “slick yet classic“ short film in various international short film festivals

Speaking about it, ( former Bigg Boss-9 housemate) Digangana added “I strongly believe that mental health is the driving force behind all our decisions, actions, and our happiness. In fact, science says that our thoughts have the power to cure any chronic disease faster and completely, simple thoughts that make really big differences! This lockdown, corona-crisis situation around the world, conversations around it have been depressive and this word “Depression” has really been hitting my mind, and I’ve been thinking about it”

She further added “How I look at situations is always trying to see the brighter side of everything as I believe that keeps me motivated, healthy and happy, of course, sometimes there is a reality which can be very harsh sometimes but I’ve always dealt with situations with positivity as I believe ‘all shall pass by’ ”

The spunky,multi-talented Digangana will soon be seen in a Telugu film called Seetimaarr opposite actor Gopichand. The film is a sports drama in which Digangana plays a local journalist who falls in love with Gopichand’s character.


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