Agar Bold Nahi Khelenge, Toh Kabhi Na Jaan Paayenge says Virat Kohli

Royal Challenge Sports Drink has unveileditsnew campaign starringViratKohlithat encourages the youth to make bold moves by giving out the message “Agar Bold Nahi Khelenge, Toh Kabhi Na Jaan Paayenge’’.

Developed in partnership with leading creative agency,DDB Mudra Group, the new Royal Challenge Sports Drink campaign is built on the insight thatmillennials today are becoming increasingly individualistic and on this boldjourney if they manage to overcome the fear of social stigma, failure etc then nothing can hold them back. The TVC features individual stories of real life challenges and mental battles that many people would have encountered and how they decided to make bold moves.

The campaign is being launched with an open letter by Virat Kohli where he encourages people to be bold and fearless by saying, “kisepatakal hum kaunsi manzil, kaun se mukaam paayenge ? Par ek baat zaroor hai - agar bold nahi nkhelenge, toh kabhi na jaan paayenge”.

Subroto Geed, Senior Vice President – Marketing, at United Spirits Limited says, “The purpose of Royal Challenge Sports Drink is to inspire the spirit of taking on life – which is about being bold, stepping out of your comfort zone and making choices that are not defined by boundaries which others create for you. ViratKohli is one of India’s biggest icons and he truly embodies this bold spirit - both on and off the field. Through Virat we hope to build a strong resonance for the campaign message and build the desire to live bold in the DNA of country’s youth”.

Commenting on the campaign, Sonal Dabral, Chief Creative Officer of DDB Mudra Group added, “These times are full of opportunities for everyone but opportunities also bring insecurities and a paralyzing fear of failure. This is where Royal Challenge Sports Drink comes in. It inspires us to take risks, it inspires us to be unafraid to walk alone. In this TVC, Virat the champion risk taker, questions a world that would havethemrather stay safe than venture into the unknown. The film, inspired by real challenges and Virat’s own exploits as a cricketer, throws the proverbial spanner in the works, questioning the predestined journey we’re on, and signs off by gently suggesting that the path less taken is the only path worth taking. Asking us to play bold. It’s been not only exciting but truly inspiring working on this film”.

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