Priyanka Chopra gets thicker stronger hair in just 14 days

Pantene, one of India’s leading hair care brands has launched a new and improved formula with new brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra. This marks one of the brand’s biggest breakthroughs in 30 years: Pantene’s new formula with PRO-V and goodness of oils making hair thicker, stronger in just 14 days.

The international superstar recently took the nation by surprise by revealing that she was no longer going to just wash her hair again, as she explained, “I learnt that with the new Pantene, you don’t just wash your hair, you strengthen it!” She went on to reveal that’s why Pantene is more than just a shampoo and can give you thicker, stronger hair in just 14 days.

penti1Further commenting on this she said, “A good head of hair can be a real confidence booster. Ever notice how when you have a good hair day, it makes you feel so much better about yourself. Good hair days are a direct result of great choices when it comes to your hair care routine. I have a hectic schedule and my hair goes through a lot so I need a great shampoo and conditioner that works daily on strengthening my hair and making it feel great and manageable without weighing it down. That’s what the New Pantene with its Pro-V formula and goodness of oils delivers all of that or me… fast and easy!”

The Pro-V formula and goodness of oils in the new Pantene works from the very core of the hair fiber therefore strengthening the hair from root to tip. Thus with the New Pantene one can see noticeably thicker, stronger hair in just 14 days.

Adds Priyanka Chopra, “It’s really simple… do you too want thicker, stronger hair in just 14 days? Then the only answer is for you to try the New Pantene and the results will speak for itself! “

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